About Me


About Tammy....

My name is Tammy and I love life and capturing every aspect of it! I am based in Spruce Grove but also own The Photographer Studio in West Edmonton. 
I am also a busy mother of 4 kids, 4 grand kids and a silly husband! 
I love fresh raindrops on a hot sidewalk...cherry custard ice-cream...summer drives of winding roads and meandering streams lined with meadows....the smell of my children's hair.. bare feet and flip flops...sweet memories...running through fields of daisies ...simple pleasures to numerous to count!  
My hope is that these simple pleasures of life, reflect in your photos through my eyes .

I have had a love of photography my whole life. My first camera was an instamatic and I took rolls and rolls of photos with it.
What can I say, I LOVE taking pictures! 

My work has been featured in: 
- Front cover of Blush Magazine along with a 4 page feature
- Best of the best 2015 in Solis Magazine - My Fair Lady editorial

- Trot Magazine

- Featured spread in The Vintage Herald
- 2 featured spreads in A Princess Inspired